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Floor your family and friends with your good taste

Show off your sophisticated style with the right floor. By installing a new hardwood floor or laminate floor, or beautiful new carpet, you can invite admiration every time you entertain.  Call Encompass Contracting today and start building your dream house from the ground up!

Trust the professionals to provide you with the floor of your dreams. You can depend on over 18 years of experience to provide you with the floor that's right for you. Call now for a free quote and exceptional customer service.  

Get the expert touch

Experience skilled workmanship and quality installation for all hardwood floors, carpets and every other type of flooring you select. You'll fall in love with your flooring time and time again. Choose from:


- Hardwood (true and engineered hardwood)

- Laminate flooring

- Carpet

- Vinyl Floors

Choose from a variety of styles

Call now to get your quote from a fully insured contractor!


Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet Flooring.

Floors that everyone will adore!!

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