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Leaky roof? Dangling gutters? Look no further than the trained and fully insured professionals at Encompass Contracting. We understand how difficult it can be to tackle the do-it-yourself roof and gutter job and we are here to help!

Be surprised at what a quality roof can do for your home


Outwit the elements and watch your gutters withstand the seasons

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From hailstones to winds and blistering sun to heavy snow, the roof of your home has a big job to handle. It’s no place to cut corners and is typically a hefty investment. Have no fear! We do our best to ease the burden, regardless of whether you need simple roof repairs or a full roof replacement. We can work with you on everything from roofing design concepts to structural considerations that prevent future problems.


How can we help over your head?


- New construction

- Roof replacement

- Roofing repairs

- Roof leaks

- Roof restoration

- Asphalt shingle roofing

- Metal roofing

The turning leaves of autumn, the white snows of winters, the heavy rains of spring and summer—so many of the things that make Georgia beautiful can also be really hard on your gutters! Poorly designed drainage systems can lead to trouble. From the tightrope act of gutter-cleaning to water damage, we have the ultimate gutter care cure.


What can we do for your gutters?


- Gutter cleaning

- Gutter replacement

- Gutter guards and covers

- Replacement of trim, fascia, soffit, and more